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About Us

Truths & Facts Incorporated was established in 2001 and has engaged in a Indian business and finance law practice, representing a number of major Indian and international clients in a wide range of investment projects and financial transactions. We advise shareholders and management in their analysis and decision-making relating to tax, regulatory and other legal requirements, and we also seek to present the commercial considerations involved in the transactions.


The founding Proprietor of the firm is Mr. Anurag Singhal, an Indian lawyer who graduated from Delhi University in 1994 and who is a practicing lawyer in Supreme Court of India, New Delhi since 2001 is basically a TAX ADVOCATE (now appointed by H.E. The President of India as Standing Government Cousel for Distt. Ghaziabad for 2013-2016) . His Senior Mr. K. C. Kaushik is a known figure amongst the legal fraternity (Former Secretary, Supreme Court Bar Association, India and Former Addl. Solicitor General of India). He has held various top positions in the Supreme Court Bar Association of India.The firm currently has 16 associates, 2 foreign consultants and 12 non-professional staff.


Truths & Facts Incorporated has extensive experience in corporate, commercial and financial transactions in India, including real estate projects, foreign investments and related tax matters. The firm has a particular expertise in energy and natural resource matters, and has acted for international agencies .

The firm's language capabilities presently include English, Hindi, and almost of Indian local languages.

The firm has the following general practice areas:

1. Major Investment Projects, Financial & Prosperity Consulation, Faciliation
Contact person: Mr. Sanjay Jindal
TFI has assisted numerous clients to prepare and process applications for investment promotion and projects in electricity, hotel, garments, electronics, computers, food and other industries.
The firm represents project owners, sponsors and lenders in various agencies in India.
TFI has assisted both GOI promoted and non-promoted companies in land acquisition and licensing (factory licenses, building permits and other approvals), and drafting and negotiation of shareholders, construction, licensing, consulting and financing agreements in connection with establishment of new joint ventures and factories.
2. Banking and Project Financing
Contact person: Mr. Amit Kumar Sharma, Advocate
We are familiar with documentation and lending requirements of major export credit agencies and international lending institutions.
3. Corporate and Acquisitions
Contact person: Mr. Prashant Raj, Advocate
TFI's corporate department handles all types of company registration, reorganization and liquidation work, and presently performs corporate secretarial work for over 20 Indian limited companies. The firm also handles registrations of branch offices of foreign corporations, representative offices, regional offices, and other types applications for this very purpose and conversions to public limited companies.
The firm has represented both Indian and foreign parties in other major share and asset acquisitions and sales, and is familiar with all associated corporate, tax, licensing and government reporting steps involved.
4. Tax (Direct & Indirect)
Contact persons: Mr. Anurag Singhal , Mr. Manish Kumar- Advocates
TFI provides tax planning advice for Indian projects, including shareholders, officers, and contractors, and is familiar with the application of the numerous tax treaties to which India is a party.
The firm has professional relationships with the leading international accounting firms in India, which assist in providing responsive and comprehensive advice on Indian tax issues.
VAT was introduced in India in January 2001. TFI advises on its application to various businesses. Different States of the Sub-Continent has different VAT laws, TFI has the complete range of VAT laws of the country.
Service Tax was also introduced in the country in 2004, TFI was amongst first few firms to understand the procedure and law.
Mr. Anurag Singhal over the years has written numerous book on VAT, specially U.P.V.A.T. and has been awarded twice by the Federal Government for his special contribution in the field of law.
TFI is the compiler for the STJ Manual.
TFI acted for Yamaha Motor India Private Limited in its successful expansion in June 2006.
5. International Business Transactions
Contact person: Ms. Rakhi Bansal , Mr. Jerry Stevenson- Lawyers
TFI deals with a wide range of legal and administrative issues arising in transborder sales of goods, delivery of services and financial transactions, including exchange control, tax, licensing, customs, and intellectual property issues.
The firm assists Indian clients in foreign investment transactions, utilizing a network of lawyers in foreign jurisdictions including all leading financial centers.
The firm has experience with business transactions in Nepal and U.K. and follows legal developments in these jurisdictions.
6. Dispute Settlement
Contact person: Mr. Saurabh Paul, Pawan Parihaar- Advocates
TFI represents clients in the Indian civil, criminal and labour courts, the Intellectual Property and International Trade Court , the Debt Recovery Tribunal, Various High Courts ,Supreme Court of India and in arbitration proceedings, and has substantial experience in resolution of construction industry disputes, in enforcement of foreign arbitration awards, and in the conduct of arbitration under the rules of the Arbitration Institute of the Office of the Judiciary.
7. E-Commerce
Contact person: Mr. Akshay Kohli
In 2002 the firm established an E-Commerce group to follow the development of law and policy in India relating to e-commerce and information technology.
8. Government Contracts
Contact person: Mr. K.C.Kaushik , Mr. Anurag Singhal- Advocates
TFI has a strong practice on government contracts, including government procurement regulations. TFI represents foreign investors in negotiating several infrastructure government contracts.
9. Industrial Consultants & Labour Laws
Contact person: Mr. Surendra Kumar Mishra
TFI beleives in harmonious relations between employees and employers. TFI is keen in making such relations healthier which are necessary for the growth of any industrial unit. We have always advised our clients in any such matters to the 100% sucess ratio.
The firm recognizes the importance to its clients of confidentiality, sound judgment and discretion.
Although the firm is organized into general practice areas, there is no rigid structure. A multi-disciplinary team is often assigned to a project to provide comprehensive advice and service on an efficient and economic basis.
10. Library
Contact person: Mr. Shubham Singh Negi
TFI is enrolled with the Country's Top Libraries for getting the first hand and quickest information on the latest developments of different laws. The Firm subscribes many journal, magazines and books every year. It has a vast library of its own.
The firm recognizes the importance to its clients of confidentiality, sound judgment and discretion.
Although the firm is organized into general practice areas, there is no rigid structure. A multi-disciplinary team is often assigned to a project to provide comprehensive advice and service on an efficient and economic basis.
11. Our Associate Firms & Sister Concerns:
1- Kaushik & Associates, Supreme Court of India
2- Candid Law Company, High Court of Delhi, New Delhi, India
3- Manish Kumar & Associates, Ghaziabad (U.P.), India
4- Stevenson Law Group, San Diego, U.S.A.
5- Parag Singal Architects New Delhi, India
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